Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association

27000 Hazy Hollow

San Antonio, Texas, 78255



Scenic Oaks Property Owners Association

Agenda for Monthly Meeting, Monday, Februry 11, 2019

Meeting to be held at the Scenic Oaks Club House at the entrance to the subdivision at 7:30pm.


A.  Appoint a Board Member to run the meeting/call to order - and see if anyone is present with a special interest.

B.  Review and approval of board minutes for January 14, 2019.

C.  Reports of Officers, Counsel and Standing Committees.

     a.  Treasurer’s Report

     b.  Board Counsel

     c.  Restrictions Committee

     d.  Architectural Review

D.  Reports of Special Committees

     a.  Roads & Bar Ditches

     b.  Gate Maintenance

     c.  General Maintenance

     d.  Web Site

     e.  Oak Wilt

     f.  Entry Management

     g.  Newsletter

     h.  Entrance & Subdivision Beautification

     i.  Community Events

     j.  Miscellaneous

Unfinished Business

F.  New Business

G.  Adjournment